Workforce Readiness

Workforce Readiness

Cops 4 Kids & Communities Workforce readiness course was designed to help students transition into and succeed in today's workforce. From writing a good resume to making a good impression during an interview, students will be equipped with the resources and skills they need to find their dream job. The course then walks students through important skills needed to keep that dream job such as problem solving, professionalism, and good communication. This course ends with a final assessment.

Specific Social/Interpersonal Skills

  • Examples Include:
  • communication
  • positive attitude
  • teamwork
  • problem solving
  • talking/writing
  • cooperation
  • active listening
  • decision making
  • conflict resolution
  • body Language
  • empathy
  • professionalism
  • good manners
  • supporting others
  • respectful
  • Independent Livings Skills

      • Examples Include:
        good hygiene
        time management
        healthy lifestyle
        using transportation
        money management
        nutrition/meal preparation
        accessing community
        services & supports
        community participation
        civic responsibility
        community safety
        developing friendships
        appropriate dress
        appropriate behavior

Other Training Areas

    • Examples Include:

      Financial literacy
      Orientation and mobility skills
      Job-seeking skills
      Understanding employer expectations for punctuality and performance
      Other "soft" skills necessary for employment

These types of services may be provided through instruction, or other activities where the student can learn and apply knowledge.