Intro to Graphic Arts and design application

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Intro to Graphic Arts and design application

Graphic Design is a creative process that combines art and technology to communicate ideas. The C4KC Graphic Arts Course is a 6 week introductory class where the students will learn by doing. Students will work with a variety of communications tools in order to visually convey a message for a client’s product or service to a particular target audience. This course will give students a foundation in Graphic Design by introducing them to the various aspects of the Graphic Design field.

Students will be introduced to the basic design principles and processes that must be followed in order to successfully complete projects that meet specific criteria.

Students will also become familiar with production techniques with industry standard software such as Illustrator and photo shop. Students will gain some computer knowledge and advertising techniques used for designing and creating tee shirts and other marketing material. Safety and quality will be constantly stressed. This course is run as a “hands on” experience with the students taking each project from concept to completion. This course is open to to ages 18 and older.

  1. Develop a general knowledge of the history of Graphic Design
  2. Identify different industries and career paths for Graphic Design
  3. learn best practices for a digital workflow
  4. understand how to properly navigate an OS (Operating System)
  5. Identify skills needed for success in various areas of Graphic Design
  6. Take project from concept to completion

This course will be held every Thursday for six weeks starting: TBA

Cops 4 Kids & Communities
1112 S. State Street, Suite #1
San Jacinto, 92583

This course is for those 18 year old and up. This course is free to the community!!!

For more information please contact Jeff Penn @ 951-634-8078 or

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