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  • Boxing:
  • Cops 4 Kids & Communities Boxing Program builds self- confidence and overall self-discipline all the while having lots of fun. Each student will be taught a proper boxing stance, footwork and combination punching. They will also develop defense skills including blocks, slips and counter punching. The students will also be introduced to and expected to spend time with the heavy bag, target mitt work and situation sparring.

    Like any sport, boxing creates a daily discipline of mental and physical fitness. The kids develop a strong sense of themselves and learn how to rely on one another in a team environment. They view one another as family members, and learn how to communicate, resolve conflicts and celebrate successes together. Unique to the program is how parents are encouraged to be their child’s “head coach” as the organization works to strengthen family bonds.

    The work we do has changed many lives by simply offering mentorship and a safe and productive place to go after school and during the summer. The work we do is about helping kids navigate the challenges they face in some of the toughest neighborhoods in California. Their successes are our successes.

  • Day & Time

      Monday - Friday
      Year Round

    Cops 4 Kids & Communities (Colton)

      • Program Director - Carlos Palomino Sr.
        1589 Bordwell Ave. (Unit -C)
        Colton Ca. 92316
        (909) 644-0373


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