About Us

Who We Are

Cops 4 Kids & Communities is a 501(c)3 organization that provides in-demand workforce training to vulnerable members of Riverside County and beyond.

Cops 4 Kids & Communities was founded in 2009 by a group of Police Officers and other community minded individuals to build positive mentoring relationships between teens, public Safety professionals and members of the community through educational, athletic, and leadership development programs.

Most recently, members of the Cops 4 Kids & Communities Board of Directors called upon our staff to work on creating a solution to the lack of apprenticeship and craft training in the City of San Jacinto and Hemet valley.

Accordingly, Cops 4 Kids & Communities staff, with the assistance of our community partners, created the Cops 4 Kids & Communities Skill Training Center. The center was designed to provide rapid workforce training with career pathways in growing local industries. We believe these programs provide life-changing opportunities to local residents while helping to meet industry need for qualified employees, stimulating the local economy while providing pathways for Riverside County and beyond.

Cops 4 Kids & Communities will continue expanding its program offerings based on workforce needs in our region. Cops 4 Kids & Communities currently offers courses in Certified Nurse Aide, Dog Grooming, Certified Security Guard training, Graphic Art design and various other short-term and customizable training options.

Simply put, Cops 4 Kids & Communities works continuously to build strong partnerships with local businesses, foundations, community-based organizations, and government agencies in order to grow and support its mission of connecting low-income individuals with career pathways in growing local industries


Why Choose Us?

Cops4Kids & Communities Skills Training Center prepare graduates for careers that offer strong salaries and growth potential, making our training center a good investment for many of our students.


Cops4Kids & Communities provide college scholarship funds to financially disadvantaged students.


Our skills Training Center instructors strive to prepare students for career success through personalized support.

Vocational Training

Our courses are not only focused on short-term instruction, we are here to train professionals for long-term success.