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Skills Training Center

Cops 4 Kids & Communities skills Training Center instructors strive to prepare students for career success through personalized support and an education that helps build in-demand career skills for some of America’s most vital industries, often in healthcare, public safety and other hands-on fields.

The C4KC hands-on programs are designed to teach students the most practical skills to get them ready for a career in as short a time as possible.

Benefits of Skills Training Center

  • Have a career goal in mind and want to start working as soon as possible.
  • Want to learn the skills needed to land the job they want.

    Want to be a competitive job applicant.
    Want to enter growing and in-demand fields.
    Want to increase their earning potential.
    Don’t want to waste time or energy on “extracurricular” credits or activities.
    Want high-level professional guidance.
    Want to practice their skills in real-life settings.
    Want to be around a dedicated peer group.
    Want a flexible class schedule.
    Want to prepare to pass a certification exam.
    Want to be connected to a community.
    Want to advance or specialize their skills even further.

  • Benefits of Skills Training Center

    Intro to Dog Grooming.
    Into to Graphic Arts and design application.
    Certified Nursed Aide.
    Security Guard Card Class.
    Intro to Videography & Editing.
Cops 4 Kids & Communities also prepares students to enter the workforce through career exploration and planning, interview preparation, employment acquisition, as well as communication and workplace skills development.